Road transport

We use a range of different semi-trailers: mega-trailer, pop-tops, light trailers, sliding floors, standard- and mega plateau, low-loaders, tank trailers (including ADR)… these allow us to meet any special requirements that our customers may have and to live up to our reputation as a transport specialist.

All our drivers are highly qualified, speak multiple languages and are committed to doing the job that they enjoy. None of our trucks is older than 3 years, so they are all up-to-date with the latest technology and of course always comply with the current legal requirements.

Our entire fleet is equipped with the latest navigation and communication systems. We also take care of the driver’s comfort, with their cabs being fully furnished and leaving nothing to be desired. The interface between our customers and drivers – the dispatch department – is staffed by a team of excellent transport managers. Our internal professional development programme ensures that we always have the highest quality standards.

To continuously improve the quality of our service, we operate an active quality management system and our progress is regularly monitored externally. We are SQAS- and ISO 9001:2015 certified. These measures all enable us to deliver a top-quality service to our customers, without exception, and to count amongst the most sought-after providers in our business.

Our fleet of chemical Petrol tankers includes 1 to 3 chamber vehicles, with 19 to 40.5 m³ tanks, stainless steel tanks, for harmless chemical goods and ADR, rubberized tanks, among others for acids and alkalis and tanks with pumps, as well as without pumps.

Also with our fleet of standard and mega plateau we offer a wide range of transport possibilities.

Loading length with permit for Austria and France up to 16 meters and Germany up to 15.7 meters. Loading width with permission for Austria, Germany and France up to 3 meters. For the remaining countries the legal requirements apply. Loading height up to 3 meters, also longer, wider or higher if required, 33-34 Euro pallet spaces, payload up to 25 tons, loading ramps, drop sides, stanchions, heavy duty chains, 3 throw-over tarpaulins (á 7×6 meters) per vehicle and twistlocks for 20′, 40′ and high cube containers.