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Road transport

Our towing vehicles – Euro 5/6 are equipped with:

  • ITS (telematics) latest generation
  • Mobile telephone
  • Tablet-PC
  • Scanner

Our trailers are equipped with:

  • Edscha sliding roofs
  • Sliding tarpauline in XL-standard (DIN EN 12642)
  • 34 Euro exchange pallets
  • 24 tension straps (DIN 500) with long-lever ratchet tensioners
  • 48 Edge protectors
  • Anti-slip mats

Our tank trailers:

  • 1 – 3 compartment vehicles
  • 19 – 33 m3 tanks
  • Aluminium or stainless steel
  • With or without pumps

Furthermore, we have container chassis, plateaus und low-loaders at our disposal.

Rail transport

According to the requirements, we organise single wagons, groups of wagons and whole-train transports. When no rail connections are available, we will arrange the requisite forward planning, trans-shipments and follow-up in combined transports – all means of transport from one place.

Warehouse logistics

Together with our customers, we create a requirement profile and define the interfaces involved. Next, our specialist team will develop a comprehensive logistics solution for you. Currently we have over 3,000m² of warehouse area available for our business partners. With our two 20-ton cranes and specially co-ordinated fleet of forklift trucks, we can manage every kind of goods.